What exactly does the FishermanPro?

Our socalled “Pill” is a more than practical gadget which eliminates one of the oldest flyfisherman’s offenses!


Once clipped at the leader’s end after fishing, the FishermanPro will avoid the line got lost between the (thicker) flyline wounds on the reel  till next time you use it. Nerve-racking “surgeries” at the water while fish rise everywhere are history.


So simple and so effective….try it!

Our Partner

Ian Gordon

A simple, cheap and effective way to make you suffer no more under the "Sunday morning syndrome"! (SMS)

Nadica Stancev

The FMP attach to the end of the line and the rubbery inner surfaces hold it in place. The bright colors are all easy to see. We find the yellow good (then sees the FMP like a "yellow submarine").

Robert Stroh

Near the water coming, the excitement of fly fisherman increases. What if the end of the leader in the preparation of rod, line and reel can not find a frustration.